" mit-UNi-D-cns" SOLENOID VALVE 

Professional solenoid valve manufacturer ■ Made in Taiwan.
Specializing in the production of solenoid valves and electric actuators in Taiwan.  We supply the Pro mit-UNi-D-cns electric actuators and solenoid valve threaded and flanged ends to the global market. AC110V / 220V DC24V Voltage Welcome foreign customers to visit our website for more information.

Our company provides 2/2 position, 3/2 position normally closed / normally open solenoid valve, and can choose explosion-proof solenoid valve. Solenoid valves can be used in a variety of fluids: water, air, steam, light/heavy oil, natural gas, vacuum, corrosive acid-base fluids, etc.

Mainly used in industrial (such as paper mills), water treatment, air conditioning, chemical, and other fluid automatic control.